Nikon prostaff 17 hmr

Nikon prostaff 17 hmr

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Hop To. Joined: Nov Central MS. Deep South Texas. I don't know about the Prostaff Rimfire, but the others you mentioned should fit the bill. Whatever you choose, make sure it'll be clear up to about yds.

That's one screamin' round. As I recall, when I shot mine at yds, it dropped about 6" or so. Those always provided the best and most consistent accuracy. Grants Pass,OR. BigDave, Welcome to the campfire.

This may come as a surprise to you, but I would not purchase a scope in that price range. For many years my. The 7 Mag still has one and one of my. The other. They cost about half what you are considering. I suggest you don't knock it till you compare them side by side. By the way I also have BushnellBushnellSwaorvski z5. But if I was going to scope something like you are talking about I would go with a Tasco X. Joined: May SW Montana. I highly recommend this scope with either the fine dot and fine crosshair reticle or the Du-Plex style.

Best of luck with whichever you choose. Hold into the wind VarmintGuy. Joined: Sep Swamp East Missouri. I have a x40 vari-x II on mine. Joined: Jul Originally Posted by Ringman. CA, USA.Maybe you are looking for the best scope for a 17 HMR Savage. Perhaps you are looking for the best scope for 17 HMR in some other rifle. We looked closely at the top-rated scopes for 17 HRM to produce this list. Furthermore, there are a few things to know before shopping for the best scope for 17 HMR.

This helpful guide will give you advice so that you can find the best scope for 17 HMR, the best scope for 17 HMR Savage, as well as helpful shopping tips. Maybe you have a specific need. Maybe you just want to set up the best hunting or tactical rifle possible. Perhaps you enjoy long distance target shooting. It offers great muzzle velocity and a nice, flat trajectory. It seems like 17 HMR is popular for hunting and target shooting.

The round can be used for other applications, too. Most of all, it just makes sense to do your homework before you invest hundreds of dollars in a scope, especially given all the information there is out there. At first, the choices may seem overwhelming.

While the choices are complicated, this helpful guide can make them seem less complex. Do a little research. You will find the problem becomes easier to solve. Most of all, you will get the best buy for your dollar. Related: Best Rifle Scope. First, ask yourself some questions before you shop for the best scope for 17 HMR. Second, what features and qualities should this scope have?

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Third, will you be using it for all your long-range shooting? Fourth, will you be using it for a specific task? Consequently, with a little research, you can find the scope that seems close to perfect. It made this list because it offers several great features. First, the Nikon ProStaff Rimfire has fully multicoated optics.

This allows for up to 98 percent light transmission. Second, the scope has repeatable and precise 1. Third, the scope features quick zero reset turrets that the company says are specific to. Fourth, the scope is o-ring sealed and filled with nitrogen. Fifth, the scope is fully water proof and fog proof. Sixth, the scope has a quick focus eyepiece. Last, the scope comes with a full lifetime warranty. This scope offers many great features to buyers looking for the best scope for 17 HMR.

First, the fully multicoated optics make for a nice, bright, clear picture when you are looking through the scope. This makes it very easy to see your target for shooting or ranging.Looking for the best scopes for 17HMR? Here are good selections of them and you may never regret having any of these. For those who want to know more about the 17HMR Hornady Magnum Rimfire rifle, this is a chambered firearm designed to be the better alternative for the.

Introduced in earlyit was recognized to have almost the same caliber as the. As a rimfire cartridge rifle, the 17HMR has a higher velocity, flatter trajectory and farther range over the. In other words, it has a better ballistic advantage over the.

Now I introduce you to the best scopes for 17HMR in and these are also most popular among rimfire rifle owners.

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This Timberline riflescope has a variable magnification of 4. With a 5 inches eye relief, this safe distance and its toughness make it a safe and perfect choice for those who are first time 17HMR owners.

Our Rating: 4. You can even hunt during early morning, dawn or while in deep forest with very little available light. Why this is resilient and shock absorbent is because of its internals that are double spring-tensioned.

Light, vibration and shock resistant and solidly made, these what Burris Timberline Ballistic Reticle scopes are all about. And with a lifetime warranty, taking its position among the best scopes for 17HMR becomes a no-brainier. Every Leupold is considered by many as the best scopes for 17HMR. This scope is percent waterproof and fog proof. With blackened lens edges, it greatly reduces glares while diffusing light giving you a very clear resolution and improved contrast on your target.

Its CDS qualities actually offer more room for flexibility so you can use it to different loads, calibers and even light and environmental conditions. With all these qualities, we can never really deny that this tool really deserves to be among the best scopes for 17HMR. This nitrogen-filled black matte riflescope from Nikon has something to be proud of.

With a patented Nikon ballistic reticle, this allows you to focus even the farthest targets. You can also find instructions on its website the optimal shooting range for its BDC reticle based on the type of your rifle. So once you train yourself about setting the various shooting ranges, you can become the best hunter for varmint and game as you want to be.

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Regardless of the thickness of the fog or lack of light, its lens will still provide you 98 percent light transmission using its high resolution imaging system. Considered to be among the best scopes for 17HMR by those who are in long range shooting, it offers a quick focus eyepiece to prevent eye strain while the 3. The family of BSA scopes utilizes trajectory compensation technology and originally designed for American military snipers.

But because they feature a quick change turret system and are calibrated for multiple grain weights for different calibers such as the. Equipped with multicoated lenses to enable you to see targets on crystal clear images regardless of the lighting condition, this is also nitrogen-filled for all weather resistance.

We consider Nikon scopes also to be some of the best scopes for 17HMR because these are really packed with features suited for an ideal scope.It was launched back in It was designed, developed and launched by the partnership of Hornady in with Ruger and Marlin.

It offers a more precise, flatter trajectory and also fast focus.

nikon prostaff 17 hmr

Its rounds are available in the hollow point, soft tip and FMJ. If you happen to own one of these, you might be feeling the need to have the best 17 HMR scope. So aside from reviewing the best products for the category, you can check out our shopping guide that will also help you determine the factors to look into when choosing this product.

We do hope that you will find the quality 17 HMR scopes based on your style and preferences after reading. One thing I would also like to note is that it can offer excellent performance even on a low light condition, giving us a superb image quality no matter how little light is available.

The scope for 17 HMR also has superior optics, offering us with minimum glare on all surfaces. This unit also has an adjustable objective design on its 40mm objective lens, allowing us for an easy parallax correction. And for hold-under or holdover, I liked that this unit offers us with different aim points.

It also has this precise space featuring 4 mil dots in every direction, supplying us with standard readings to find our targets without any hassle. It does not only have a good view diameter for close or long range targets, but the scope with 40mm objective.

I also noticed that the scope offers max elevation and windage adjustment level of MOA. It offers a waterproof performance and features bright sight picture for shooting.

I think it is a decent choice for deer hunters looking for precise shooting. I also noticed it comes with yards parallax setting, which is an excellent addition to it. More so, it features a BDC reticle that lets hunters to hold precisely at longer ranges beyond what was thought to be possible.

It can also offer an advantage for long-range targets and normal sight picture when taking short-range shots wherein the popular cross hair is functioning as the aiming point. Another good thing about the Nikon Buckmasters II x40mm is its spot on ballistic match technology, helping us find accurate aiming points on the reticle even at different yardages according to the load and ammunition used. This riflescope also features a multicoated optical system.

It is designed and made with different layers of anti-reflective compounds on each of its glass surface that give it those vivid, clear and bright pictures along with max light transmission even at a low light condition. The BSA X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope is another offering from the trusted brand chosen by game enthusiasts and tactical operation professionals for its superb build and performance.

The BSA scopes use bullet drop compensation being initially used by the military personnel. I also liked the versatility of the scope, which is made for varying calibers including. It is also designed and calibrated with a reliable bullet drop compensator, providing an elliptical bullet drop ranging from to yards. The multicoated lens also lets us see our target in clearly even during the last minutes of daytime.

The scope also has a good windage and elevation aside from having an adjustable parallax setting infinity. More so, the BSA X40 is weather resistant because it is nitrogen filled. I would also like to note that this model offers a generous 4-in eye relief for safer recoils if we need to use it on a high caliber rifle.Sign in or create an account to access your information.

View Cart. Designed specifically for rimfire, the BDC reticle allows shooters to compensate for bullet drop at extended shooting distances. The BDC reticle's unique see-through ballistic circles offer an incredible advantage for long range shooting, yet still allow a normal sight picture for shorter-range shots where the crosshair itself is the aiming point. To simplify field adjustments, Nikon has integrated this feature into the riflescope.

Field adjustments are now as simple as dialing-in your subsequent ranges. For a full list of the technical specifications please refer to the product manual. Welcome, Guest My Account. Product variations. New Precision For Rimfire Rifles Rimfire calibers are still extremely popular among shooters because they are not only fun to shoot, they can be extremely accurate as well.

That's why Nikon has a comprehensive line-up of rimfire riflescopes. Nikon's BDC Reticle Designed specifically for rimfire, the BDC reticle allows shooters to compensate for bullet drop at extended shooting distances.


Fully Multicoated Optical System Multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every glass surface provide bright, vivid pictures and optimum light transmission from dawn to dusk.

Generous, Consistent Eye Relief Keeps your brow safe, even with the heaviest recoiling cartridges, lightweight rifles and severe shooting angles. Tech Specs Magnification 3 .When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Learn more. The 17HMR short for Hornady Magnum Rimfire is a chambered firearm, introduced inthat serves as a substitute to the popular.

With a flatter trajectory and higher velocity upon firing, as well as the ability to shoot farther, this rimfire cartridge rifle has become increasingly preferred over its. A massive aspect of any strong 17HMR rifle, however, comes from the scope you equip, as it can be the difference between consistently strong shots and consistently disappointing misses.

Consult the list below to help ensure that the scope you end up choosing is the best possible option for your particular rifle. As a result, a scope that complements that variety and diversity of opportunity is essential.

As a result, you may encounter issues with parallax when needing to aim down long-range targets, which can be frustrating. Parallax, which is an issue that can occur when the reticle and target are not on the same plane, is one of the most important things to recall when trying to find the right scope for a 17HMR.

Many rifle scopes come with a preset, yard or yard parallax setting.

nikon prostaff 17 hmr

Those that go above and beyond will come with an adjustable side parallax, often ranging from eight or ten all the way to infinity. Much like parallax, magnification is absolutely something with which any 17HMR shooter should be concerned. Magnification, or the degree to which a shot can be zoomed in or out, is an essential aspect of any 17HMR scope decision, since the very versatility of the rifle is part of its wide appeal.

As a result, its shooters want to be able to nail a target at three hundred yards just like at a hundred. Since the 17HMR is largely employed by range shooters and hunters of big and small game alike, its magnification should be adjustable to at least a certain extent. The x magnification settings are admittedly not necessary, as generally the 17HMR is not a rifle used in such close quarters, but the best scopes will have magnification ranging from at least x.

This will grant the shooter full control over the distance at which they want to shoot. Reticles, the dot or sight in the center of the scope, is another quintessential element of the scope-browsing process.

The Best Scopes for 17 HMR in 2020

While reticles can be illuminated or designed differently in order to serve different purposes, 17HMR shooters will each need to make their own individual decisions on which reticles best aid their shots. Reticles can range from the basic crosshairs to more complex ones that factor in distance and angle, so choosing a reticle that complements the type of shooting you would like to do is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding on your 17HMR scope. If magnification power is the degree to which a distance can be zoomed in without losing any clarity of the shot, objective deals with the inverse.

Lens objectives are the measurement of the diameter of the outside lens, where you look into the scope. A larger objective means a wider field of view, which is a necessary tenet of shot construction when it comes to longer distances. Too small of a scope diameter will greatly limit the shots one can take, as they have to continually adjust and move their rifle around for a strong, clear view.

Meanwhile, the opposite, in the form of a too-large objective, can easily become a nuisance and a discomfort to the shooter. When choosing the right scope for a 17HMR rifle, much of the conversation should come down to a consideration of magnification and objective. Frequently, these two measurements will be paired in scope descriptions, with the general format being 4x32, where 4 is the magnification and 32 the objective.

Shop Now On Amazon. The ballistic BDC reticle on this scope is no joke, and it features a good diversity in magnification and a wide, 40mm-diametered lens objective.Still having issues Sided steps not working properly Ride is still not up to par Ken C. Yes No Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Branden Truax.

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nikon prostaff 17 hmr

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