Enfield no4 mk2 magazine

Enfield no4 mk2 magazine

Last updated with new information The following makers' codes are noted on some bayonet blades and scabbards, it is quite possible that they may also appear on firearms and related components.

Lee Enfield No 4 Magazines

Two Swiss codes are noted. Switzerland was not an occupied country but Germany placed contracts with some factories there. Such examples of items produced in the occupied European countries are fairly rare, and obviously a good find for any collector who can locate and recognise them.

All one needs to do is remember them, or list the particular codes, when looking through Kar98k Mauser bayonet blades and the like, in collections, or for sale by dealers. The following codes are most likely to have been marked in lower case rather than capital letters as indicated below.

Chatteralaut French. MOD Pattern Room update Jim Gooding Museum Restoration Service from Canada reports that he visited the Leeds site a few months ago and that building is progressing well. Station Monograms are found marked on military transit cases and packaging as well as on some of the ordnance and various service accessories. The station monograms may also be found incorporated in various case headstamps, marked on ammunition chargers, clips and other production. Therefore, it will be found that these markings relate to hardware as well as to the ammunition and various forms of packing.

Louis Ordnance Plant S. These abbreviated designations can also appear on weapons, ammunition and equipment. The following list is generally post-Great War vintage and therefore it is applicable to many of our studies, British, Empire and Commonwealth oriented, that is Anti-aircraft A.

Anti-aircraft Artillery A. Armoured fighting vehicle A. American 'K' device A. Armour piercing or After proof A. Armour piercing incendiary A. Armour piercing tracer A.

Aiming rifle or Anti-radar A. Aiming tube A. Anti-tank B. Belt-fed mechanism B.

enfield no4 mk2 magazine

Breech loading B. Breech mechanism B. Black powder gunpowder B. Beeswax C.

Lee Enfield magazines

Coast artillery C. Coast defence C. Complete Eq'pment Schedule C. Corrected mean time D. Direct current D. Discarding sabot E.Home Log In. Manufacturers Please Select Advanced Techno. NcStar North Cape Publ. Featured Products All Products Replacement stock for the No4 Mk 1 Enfield Rifles. Stock Only, Bipod and gun not included. Original Bayonet in Unissued condition. No Scabbard. This fits the No 4 Enfield Rifles.

Original Enfield Bayonet for the No 4 Rifles. This bayonet does not include a scabbard. SMLE No. Stratton The British Enfield No. British Enfield Rifles Volume 2, No. Model of Rifles by Charles R. Stratton Charles R.

Stratton continues his very Original Steel Buttplate for Enfield Rifles. These are in excellent condition. Load Rating 18 lbs. Original No4 Enfield Magazine in used condition. Picture is representative of magazine condition.

Original scabbards for the Enfield blade bayonets that fit the No 4 rifles. These scabbards also fit the jungle carbine and the L1A1 bayonets.The No. From to a new rifle was produced, that had peep sights called the No. Also inthe Mk VI became known as the No. V sights. It also had a heavy barrel and a spike bayonet.

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Further trials of the No. Despite the adoption inmass production of the No. During World War Two the No. The weapon was used in all theaters of war in which the British fought. Wartime guns all had letter prefixes, but each maker had a different number after the prefix to differentiate manufacturers. These rifles were marked with the month and year of production and ROF on the left side of the receiver.

The majority of these North American produced rifles were No. Wartime production of the No. Long Branch made overNo. Savage produced the No. Savage made No. This model was adopted in and it was known as the No. The earliest sniper rifles were converted from the Trials No. Later that year Holland and Holland was contracted to convert select No. British and Savage made rifles were selected for conversion. Somewhere between 23, and 26, rifles were converted by Holland and Holland.

Long Branch made a small number of sniper rifles late in World War Two, in addition to those that were converted by Holland and Holland.New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I lost the mag for my rifle a long time ago. I was told some rifles take a mag with a squared bottom and others take the mag with rounded bottom edges. Anyone know if that's true or not? If I do need the rounded mag does anyone know where to get one?

I believe this is the short mag No. You are looking for the rounded bottom magazine. Many dealers have a the habit of calling all lee Enfields SMLE's which can make it difficult when sourcing the correct parts. Look at the differences on the 'spine'.

No4 magazine on the left, No1 Mk3 on the right. The magazine info is covered but I have to say that is a very nice looking Dispersal rifle. Is that a date? Bear43 wrote: The magazine info is covered but I have to say that is a very nice looking Dispersal rifle. With the invasion scare, the Ministry of Supply ordered BSA to make rifles out of whatever parts it could get together.

A second wave of production in even used recycled and re-dated receivers. About the same time the emergency rifle production was started, BSA was ordered to disperse its many Birmingham factories away from the bomb-target central area, and also to increase war production by diluting experienced staff with war staff. Rifle production involved several of these factories both No1s and No4sand this type of "all available parts" No1 has become known as a "Dispersal rifle".

Technically, even the No4s were Dispersals, as well as motorbikes, bicycles, aircraft parts, machine guns and heavy weaponryA view into the mind of a serial optimist with a loaded rifle. I never had a feeding issue with my Enfields, but this is great info, and good pics too! Thank you so much. Your explanation and photos especially helped solved what was a very vexing feed problem with No. I thought maybe it was unfired. So it made absolutely no sense that it fed so badly.

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I took out the mag and noted it was unserialized, and maybe was new as the lips were folded flat. I fixed by looking at your pictures and now it feeds 10 rounds without a hitch. I'll bring it out to the range this weekend and test it under fire.

Thanks again, Doug in the PNW. Needle-nosed pliers will give you the reach you need to tilt the lips without running into side of the magazine. I have a No.

Does the same hold true for a 7. Only feeds from the right side. Bolt just rides over the left side rounds. Great info for my other enfields! It sounds like a similar problem. I'm not sure what the Ishy mags look like, but if they've got the same kind of feed lips, it would certainly be worth a shot!

enfield no4 mk2 magazine

Please let us know if it works. I actually picked up an Ishapore recently, and it has problems feeding two mismatched magazinesso I'll be testing this method with my own magazines. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had one Enfield no4 mk1 that I ended up selling because I didnt have this information. I bought another about 5 years ago hoping for better feeds and while it was better, it still jammed every 3 rounds or so. I will use your information to tune the magazine so I can finally enjoy my beautful rifle.

I just got a No4 Mk 1 with a mismatched mag and the feed was all messed up. After about a minute of tuning it's so much better. Do you still have to do the up down up down up with the rims when loading or does this solve the problem of catching rims too?The first bolt-action Enfields came into service in the later s and saw their first action in British colonial wars. III SMLEs, dangling out on the extreme left of the Allied line inshowered the tightly packed troops of the German First Army with such a high volume of accurate rifle fire at long ranges that, anecdotally, the Germans supposedly wondered if British troops were all issued with automatic weapons.

The last batch of British-made Enfields intended for general issue began production in the late s and lasted until the mid s. The last of the breed, the No. Most of these entered the U. The Mk. Instead of an L-type flip sight, with which most No. The large diameter battle sight was, however, retained and used for most practical purposes.

The bolt mechanism remained basically unchanged from the wartime rifles. Note stripper clip guide, left-side safety and firing pin tail. Rear sight is folded to its battle sight position, providing a large aperture for rapid engagement.

enfield no4 mk2 magazine

Cosmetically, the exterior of the Mk. Compared to some of the exceptionally handsome Long Branch No. Essentially, the differences between the No. The core of the rifle, as far as the design goes, changed fundamentally little. The heart was the cock on closing bolt action. This rather unique arrangement is what made the Enfield such a potentially rapid firing rifle in the right hands. Precision micrometer rear sight is a work of art and calibrated for MkVII ball ammo.

Well-trained British soldiers, who were paid bonuses based upon their musketry scores, were provided with practice ammunition almost at will before WWI. Volunteer soldiers being the competitive Type A personalities they normally are, this led to competitions for speed and accuracy. This is where the Enfield excels. The record approached 60 rounds per minute.If you have an old rifle sidelined by feeding problems, a new mag can be a fast, easy way to get it back into service.

Steel floorplate removes for cleaning; steel follower. A rear rib has been added to allow fitting to older guns. May require fitting. Fits British No.

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No.4 MK1 Magazine .303

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